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King Breezy & Queen Swift | Tomorrow looks promising (:

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Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

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✌️✌️✌️Well hello✌️✌️✌️



soo cute💘


She got on her tippy toes OMG so cute

7 Grammys



Look at his facial expression in the second gif. Like he seen something he wasn’t suppose to see! Haha! 😂😩


Stalker Sarah tbh

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Afternoon tea with a view :)

Life of a Stan.

This is for the many stans and different fan bases around the world, I hope it is enough to do us justice.

Dedication and loyalty to someone in the media light is just a different type of love altogether. The status of a “celebrity” becomes irrelevant because they continuously give you so much of themselves, you’re allowed to feel as if you know them on a personal level… Even though sometimes you haven’t met them (not yet, anyway). When you look into their eyes through pictures on their personal Instagram or during their music videos on TV, you can feel exactly what they were feeling at that moment in time. You radiate pride and appreciation during shows when they’re accepting awards and thanking you or when they’re on stage performing their latest number one because you know they’re happy and you helped make that happen. You react faster to their name being said than your own and a follow from them on Twitter makes you feel better than the happiest person in the world. You can quote them effortlessly and you wish for nothing but the very best for them, always. Their music is a form of escape from reality and their voice is a brush of real magic entwined with pure peace compared to the chaos sometimes surrounding you. Their laughter during radio interviews becomes a well-known, cherished sound and the posters in your room that have been up for years, although slightly torn at the corners, brings comfort and a smile to your face every day. More than anything, you wish everyone could see them in the same light as you… Especially when mistakes are made. You wish everyone could accept that they’re just human too and despite the constant media scrutiny, understand that they still try; for themselves and for their team. You remember the way you lost your breath that night standing among that crowd. Seeing them appear on the stage right in front of you for the very first time. You still haven’t really recovered even though it’s been years but you keep those concert tickets safer than your baby photos because they’re the simple reminder that that night was nothing short of real. They’ll always be your inspiration with each and every passing day, their struggle and hustle encouraging you to just get out there and grab life with both hands – just like them. You feel fellow like-minded stans become family despite the oceans in between and the clocks don’t show the same time but for once, you feel understood and comfortable and just like… Yourself.  


Tyga, Trey and Chris - BET Experience

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u know when u really like someone and literally every little thing they do is cute and no matter what face they make they always look perfect to you

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